I am in you | Doug Aitken


I am in you


Single channel video-installation

11min. 3seg.


Doug Aitken

Redondo Beach, CA, USA, 1968


© Doug Aitken
Courtesy of the Artist, 303 Gallery, New York; Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich; Victoria Miro, London; and Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

I am in you (2000) is a large-scale installation consisting of five video projections. The videos are shown inside a wooden structure where a girl plays, whispers and sings inside a rhythmic, circular world. The piece is an investigation of perception in which, through repetition and abstraction, time seems to collapse.

The five videos in the piece show a succession of images of everyday scenes from the American suburbs, people, nature, human-made objects and geometric patterns. These images are overlapped with the sound of claps to the rhythm of a voice saying: “You got to run as fast as you can all of the time” and “You got to be sharp!”. Altogether, the scale, the accelerated flow of the fragmented scenes, the melodies, the sounds and the character’s voice produce an immersive effect that removes the distance between the viewer and the work, generating the impression that we are standing within the projection of a person’s inner world. The videos do not intend to create a narrative, instead they are the visual language through which the artist explores and communicates ideas, emotions and sensations.

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