Learning Curve | Gary Hill


Learning Curve


Video installation with sound


Gary Hill

Santa Monica, CA, USA, 1951


© Gary Hill (1993) / Vegap

"Learning curve" is a term that references increased understanding as a result of time invested in the acquisition of an experience through practice or repetition. Used in different fields such as psychology or economics, a learning curve shows the ways in which a concept may be approached from various points, either to study the ways in which repetition can transform perception and behavior, or to analyze the efficiency and productivity of a business endeavor.

In Learning Curve (1993), Gary Hill references the term in order to propose a reflection regarding apprenticeship in and of itself. The image of a wave is projected onto a concave screen located at the end of a long school desk. The desk is reminiscent of an institutional system of education, while the video in loop of the waves alludes to the repetition or constant practice that allows us to acquire a skill.

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