One Moment in Time (Kitchen) | Jonathan Monk


One Moment in Time (Kitchen)


80 35 mm color slides


Jonathan Monk

Leicester, United Kingdom, 1969


© Jonathan Monk
Courtesy of Casey Kaplan, New York

One Moment in Time (Kitchen) (2002) is a projection of eighty slides based on the possessions of the artist's mother that are found inside the family kitchen: postcards, photographs, drawings. Jonathan Monk asked his sister to describe via telephone what she saw in the kitchen: "Postcard from New Jersey”, “Mum's mum”, “Dad with uncle Sonny (the Jazz days)”, “You wearing stupid glasses”. He later wrote down the phrases verbatim and photographed them in order to convert them into a work associated with family memory.

Using a plain aesthetic, free of ornamentation, Monk positions language as solely meaning and detonates mental images in the viewer. One Moment in Time (Kitchen) places emphasis on the personal and subjective experience linked to memory: the slides, rather than narrating events form the past, are representations of both affective and sensory time.

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