The Financial Crisis (Session I-IV) | Superflex


The Financial Crisis (Session I-IV)


Video with sound

15 MIN.



Superflex – Copenhagen, Denmark, 1993

Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen – Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969

Jakob Fenger – Copenhagen, Denmark, 1968

Rasmus Nielsen – Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969


Superflex, The Financial Crisis (Session I-IV) was commissioned and created for Frieze Film 2009, and screened on Channel 4's “3 Minute Wonder” slot in October 2009.
Hypnotist: Bo Groth Christensen
Producer/Director: Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Assistent Producer: Matt Lucero
Cinematography: Ha Thuc Phu Nam
Sound Design: Alan Hayslip
Editor: Nick Fernandez
Produced by Propeller Group (Ho Chi Minh City)
© Superflex
Courtesy of the artists

Since 1993, Superflex's work has taken a critical approach to globalization, markets, and commercialization. Their projects, which have been described as "tools", question different aspects of economic structures. The Financial Crisis (2009), commissioned and presented for the first time in Frieze Video in 2009, offers the viewer the possibility of experiencing damage from the economic collapse of 2009 through a session of hypnotic therapy. In the video, a therapist simulates a hypnosis session in which viewers are invited to enter a trance and imagine themselves during four episodes related to the crisis.

Through hypnosis, viewers are able to feel, for example, the knot in magnate George Soros' throat as he watches his empire collapse, or the stupor of the common man upon seeing on his desk the letter that announces his dismissal and financial ruin. Superflex offers spectators a psychic otherness in which the global catastrophe of the financial collapse of 2008 may be intimately experienced through different registers.

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