El viento se lo llevan las palabras II | Miguel Rael


El viento se lo llevan las palabras II


Video on DVD

11 min 27 seg


Miguel Rael

Lorca, Spain, 1974


© Miguel Rael
Courtesy of the artist

In the video El viento se lo llevan las palabras II (The Wind is Carried Away by Words II) (2005), Miguel Rael blows away the title phrase from this work, composed on the floor using white dust. Using rewind as an effect to play with the possibilities of time, he reverts the context of the original phrase and popular saying: "Words are carried away by the wind." A refrain that originated with a phrase by Roman senator Gaius Titus, “Verba volant, scrīpta mānent”, which means: "words fly, writing remains."

Through this simple action, the artist essays the representation and deconstruction of written language, as something likewise impermanent and subject to ongoing change.

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