Continuous. Contiguous. | Diana Thater


Continuous. Contiguous.


Video installation; 4 wall projections and 3 plasma screen projections


Diana Thater

San Francisco, CA, USA, 1962


© Diana Thater. Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner 
Photo credit: Fredrik Nilsen

Continuous. Contiguous (2004-2005) is an installation created parting from audiovisual material that the artist filmed during a month spent in Panama, studying its natural and urban surroundings. The images were taken from the arm of a crane around one hundred meters high that was installed in the rainforest for scientific research purposes. From there, the artist filmed the behavior of the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

The artist transforms the gallery space where the video installation is inscribed through the projection of moving light and imagery. Far from being hidden or dissimulated, the projectors are exposed and possess a strong material presence, thus spatially and sensorially enveloping the viewer.

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